As Our Administrators Says İgnorance İs Bliss.

why do we need to query football before starting watching it?

How can we make the proper decision, İf there is no mind and will.

I will discuss football, which is one of the team sports that everybody knows better than the purpose of life. And people forget to ask themselves why they are pursuing these football matches. Maybe the reason is they want to escape from real life. Or they just believe that football is come from heaven to rescue all of us from hell. Either one of these are should be correct and in this article, I’ll mention why we develop this sort of habits and why we need to get rid of it asap.

A new world is presented with football.

Football is a world created so that we do not see or think about the realities of the existing world. Because football enables the masses to think only within the boundaries of a manufactured world so that people can now turn this different situation into their realities or even into obsessions.

If a person does not support a team, that person is excluded by his environment. In this case, the person has no choice but to play the game according to the rules in order to enter the group again. And as soon as possible, he chooses a strong team and memorizes the names of the players of his team.

This situation is actually very terrible because the individuals are forced to move away from reality in order to impose themselves on society, and he begins to learn and follow football, which does not answer any questions about life.

The strange part is that he does not choose any of these with his own will. This is how modern slavery subtly surrounds us from all sides of our lives. We accept the play of the rulers on us as if there is no problem and we encourage our children to continue it as if it was a great feat.

Football is a secular drug religion.

Football determines the lifestyle and world view of the masses. Football has its own, mass spirit, culture, rituals, shrines. With all these aspects and details, we can easily say that football is a secular drug religion.

Sport is a means of controlling, enslaving and ideological legitimation of the masses.

When we look at the past and present of sports, we see that we cannot think independently of political and economic systems. Sports have been a tool of capital and power throughout history to control, enslave and legitimize the communities.

Football, like all team sports, is the invention of the industrial revolution. It begins in 1832.

The rising bourgeoisie invented football to prevent workers from taking to the streets, this is a very important invention so that when people watch football they pass out. And they can not make a judgement about anything in their life because they believe if their team wins there is no other issue in their life.

Likewise, it organized sports games as a blessing to cover up the dangers of the working classes of the nations that flocked to Rome during the empire period and the problems of the oppressed workers.

In Chile, football teams were quickly formed among workers in the mine railroad and the new urban industry.

The reasons for this was that labour and middle-class football teams were forming close ties with other groups in the community in order to reach an agreement with local authority and politicians.

Therefore, capital owners also began to support football teams. The owners of the company were trying to control the free time of the workers with the sport.

Moreover, the businessmen hoped that the sport would serve to soften the relations between the owners of the capital and the workers while protecting their interests. This was at times causing tensions, and conflicts over football were often the teams of independent workers. and teams of workers organized by companies.

However, although football is a sport played by the workers, it has always been a game of the upper classes, which is handling and controlling by the upper classes. Modern imperialism now has different meanings than the capitalists spreading their sphere of influence overseas.

It also meant that imperialism was deeply rooted in the working class in their own home, thus ensuring that they stand behind the imperialist project. The period of modern sport’s development coincided with the period when the voting rights, which played a key role in this process, were expanded to establish control over the ruling class masses. He had to develop new ideological tools. (Bambery 2002: 82–93).

Football is the game of sustaining capitalism and putting the masses to sleep anyways.

With the development of technology and the increase in people's leisure time at the end of the 19th century. We see that sports for mass consumption were brought to the forefront with the support of capital. Thus, capital and governments managed to keep the masses under control that would not give them the opportunity to think and question even in their spare times, and thus preserve the survival of capitalism.

From the past to the present, capitalism has feverishly used sports and football propaganda in order to make the working class market in general from all the masses in particular. Filling it with activities is the most useful job that can be done.

As a result of industrialization, mechanization, standardization and specialization in workplaces and factories, and one-sided and wrong movements have negative effects on the physical structure and movement organs as well as on human psychology.

However, despite the necessity arising from the need for recreation and movement, workers who were exhausted by the intense and tight pace of work had no desire and strength to do sports, so capitalists began to propagate sports as a way for workers to enhance their increasingly falling work efficiency.

All the masses, together with the workers, were subjected to mental occupation by the masters with the drugs of football, and a working-class whose bodies speaking only football could be brought to the desired consistency with football in spare times outside of working hours, and obedience to the masters was ensured by making them forget about thinking and questioning.

Football has also created the football industry. Spaces have been built in which the workers of a worker background can watch their teams, support them and get away from their problems, and stadiums have taken the places of ancient theatres and arenas after centuries. Then it was played in Latin America and Asia. On May 21, 1904, the international football federation (FIFA) was established. The first major football organization was the World Cup held in Uruguay in 1930.

Football is a means of sleeping not only in the working class but all classes.

Generally speaking, we have said that football was a numbing used against labourers in the past. When we examine the big teams of modern football such as Schalke 04 west ham united and Liverpool, we can see that it was founded by the workers.

However, modern football is the game of all classes in which football has clearly ceased to be a working-class game in recent years. Football has now become the opium of the masses, regardless of class.

Thus, we can express that football has become a great tool to take control of all existing classes, take away the ability to think and question, to occupy minds and channel them in the desired direction.

It also draws people’s attention to different points and identifies people’s thinking structures. Talking for hours and fighting with each other just over the game is a completely inhumane form of animal behaviour.

Controlling people’s thoughts is one of the greatest powers in the world. And there are many ways to do it. However, the most innocent and most used are team sports, football.

As we have stated under all these headings, football is a tool of manipulation that makes thinking and questioning people out of the way, numbing people who are valued with the mind, making them mindless and willless, thus devaluating and depersonalizing them.

Author from another perspective, I write about daily life, unspoken thoughts, and wisdom…

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