People who want to handle situations more smoothly should pursue these principles for good management is self-control –the ability to regulate your own emotions and instincts.

As we have seen, good management is often about overcoming your natural instincts, but not always. There are times when an emotional response is more powerful than a rational one, and there are some situations where a “gut” decision is better than the one reached through careful analysis. …

Must-Read Books Before You Get Covid

1)The hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy By Douglas Adams

2)Structures Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down By J.E.Gordon

3)Benjamin Franklin An American Life by…

Letting go: Some advice on doing it better


So what can you do to be more effective and more consistent in letting go?

The starting point, as always, is to get it clear in your own head why giving your employees freedom is the right approach. Everyone has their own way of doing this, and you have to try a number of different angles before finding the one that resonates best. I suggest you to ask yourself these questions:

“I ask the person I am coaching, do you hold yourself to higher standards than those around hold you to?

Yes, they invariably reply. So I ask the supplementary…


Are your emotions responsible for carrying you through the day, or do you have complete control over them?

Unfortunately, when it comes to our emotions, they can become a weakness in our journey to find success.

Emotions happen when you respond to the way something happens and how it makes you feel. Your emotions can be either good or bad, but when building your path to success, they can do more harm than good.

When you’re happy or sad about something, you will either smile or cry. …


Throughout this article, we have discussed why diversity in the media is important.

We must also remember that we see and hear messages about our own racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. Since we are part of those groups, when we see and hear those messages they can change how we think about ourselves.

Let’s think of an example of a woman seeing and hearing media messages. We already know that media messages are everywhere. So this woman constantly sees and hears messages about women in her daily life. She sees women as mothers and nurses, but not as doctors and…

As Our Administrators Says İgnorance İs Bliss.

why do we need to query football before starting watching it?


How can we make the proper decision, İf there is no mind and will.

I will discuss football, which is one of the team sports that everybody knows better than the purpose of life. And people forget to ask themselves why they are pursuing these football matches. Maybe the reason is they want to escape from real life. Or they just believe that football is come from heaven to rescue all of us from hell. …


If sanity and insanity exist, how shall we know them?

The question is neither capricious nor itself insane. However much we may be personally convinced that we can tell the normal from the abnormal, the evidence is simply not compelling.

It is commonplace, for example, to read about murder trials wherein eminent psychiatrists for the defence are contradicted by equally eminent psychiatrists for the prosecution on the matter of the defendant’s sanity.

More generally, there is a great deal of conflicting data on the reliability, utility, and meaning of such terms as “sanity,” “insanity,” “mental illness,” and “schizophrenia.”

Finally, normality…


A person should be able to set goals, make healthy choices, know how to react to events, in short, being himself; It is largely possible through self-knowledge. Because if you are able to make your own decisions properly you can achieve whatever you want in our lives.

Determination the key factor that when you willing to do create new habits in your daily life. To ensure this; It is very important to be aware of your inner world, to be able to distinguish between your feelings and thoughts and to use all these to understand your own and others’ behaviour.


Questions such as which requirements come to the fore in the changing world and different business life conditions, what kind of equipment and what competencies employees and managers should have.

In our age of increasing international business partnerships, we should expect that issues such as cultural intelligence will come to the fore.

Another necessity of our age is to spread an understanding that does not make a choice between the success of the organization and the satisfaction of the employees, and that accepts equality and participation as a prerequisite.

To analyze how the interaction of working conditions, management elements and…

Encouragement For Who Wants To Get Further


I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.

If you need to do something just consider what you have done yesterday.Because It always seems impossible until it’s done.

You have to choose your freedom instead of your bias. When we get rid of our prejudices we able to see liberty of our horizon.

Because everything you love will one day be lost that is the main reason that what makes life meaningful.

Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know…


Author from another perspective, I write about daily life, unspoken thoughts, and wisdom…

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